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Hot rolling production line of Z type steel and flat bar.

 In 2015, YWLX had successfully developed first production line of special Z-type steel for ZSB ocean petroleum casing pipe in China. The production line of special Z-type steel has partly solved import substitution. 

The special Z-type steel for ocean petroleum casing pipe had before been monopolized by some firms of Japan and Germany. Due to its technical threshold is very high, its importing price is also very expensive. In order to break up their monopoly and achieve the home-made of special Z-type steel, YWLX energized and mobilized its best talented personnel in metallurgical and rolling field successfully to develop first production line of special Z-type steel. 

The production line’s success, based on YWLXs research and development achievements and engineering experiences for many years in metallurgical and rolling field, had broken up technical barriers and tackled many technical difficult problems and developed unique rolling pass for Z-type steel. The production line has been stably and reliably and producing. 

Technical feature: 

Full digital AC speed control in production line, closed loop control of tension and automatic control of speed. 

Compact arrangement in production line, Less the occupation area, less failure rate and high yield.

The higher electrical control system: Driving control system will use full digital inverter speed control and Siemens speed control device. Basic automation will use Siemens PLC control with industrial computer.  

 The perfect HMI: The mill will use HMI to collect, display and store the data.