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Five stand tandem cold rolling mill

  YWLX, combining global latest technology of five stands tandem cold mill, has developed a new five stand tandem cold mill equipped with double tension reels, flying shear and Magnetic conveyor belt, which to be of big reduction rate, full continuity, high yield with less invest and low cost. The mill will use new rolling process to produce cold rolling steel strips, especially for wide steel strip and zinc galvanizing basic plate.

1. The Mill features 

1) Big reduction rate: By only one rolling process, the mill can roll steel strip from 3mm to 0.3mm which meets the requirement of most of zinc galvanizing basic plates.

2) Full continuous: The mill will carry out completely continuous production from payoff reel to tension reel, which to be equipped with automatic welding machine, entry loop, exit flying shear and double tension reel  

3) High precision: In order to warrant gauge precision and good flatness, five stands of the mill will be equipped with HAGC.

4) High benefit: Its cost of producing one ton of strip will decrease largely, because of increasing in yields and decreasing in personnel costs.

    2. Technical Feature

Full digital DC speed control in production line, closed loop control of tension and automatic control of speed.

Hydraulic automatic gauge control of five stands: including forward AGC, feedback AGC, monitoring AGC and mass flow AGC.

Positive/negative bending roll of working rolls, positive bending rolling of intermediate rolls and shift of intermediate rolls and rolls segmented cooling control.

Matured basic automation and process automation control by PLC.

Using double payoff reel, flashing welding machine, and spiral loop.

Using double tension reel for winding strip.  

Equipped with the system of collection, display, storage and input/output of data, including fault diagnosis and alarm system etc.

Function of automatically decreasing speed and tension during passing welding seam.

Quick working roll change without stripbreaking.

Oil-air lubrication for total roll bearings.