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Four/Six-HI reversing cold rolling mill

1. Brief Introduction 

   Four/Six Hi finishing reversing cold rolling mills, as YWLX’s matured products, have been used in many Chinese steel firms. Especially, the Six Hi reversing precise cold rolling mill, supplied by YWLX, can roll not only carbon strip steel but also oriented/non-oriented silicon strip steel and stainless strip steel.

   YWLX has developed the series of 900mm, 1150mm and 1380mm width of Six Hi reversing cold rolling mill, which produce not only the carbon steel strip, but also silicon steel strip and stainless steel strip. When rolling carbon steel strip(SPHC), the thickness can be reduced from 3.0mm to 0.2mm by six rolling passes without any annealing in process. When rolling oriented/non-oriented silicon strip steel, Its thickness can be reduced from 0.63mm to 0.26mm by 2~3 rolling passes. The thickness tolerance and flatness has satisfied the technical requirements. 

2. Technical Feature 

Matured basic automation and process automation control with PLC. 

Full digital DC speed control in production line, closed loop control of tension and automatic control of speed.

 Hydraulic automatic gauge control including forward AGC, feedback AGC monitoring AGC and mass flow AGC etc

 Application of roll segmented cooling control, positive/negative bending roll of working rolls, positive bending rolling of intermediate rolls and shift of intermediate rolls.

 Rolling level quick adjustment by motor and worm and worm gear.

 Quick roll change for working and intermediate roll.

 Equipped with the system of collection, display, storage and input/output of data, including fault diagnosis and alarm system.