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Skin Pass Mill

Skin pass Mill, the one of important facilities in galvanizing line, functions as following:

  1) To create surface roughness of galvanized sheet according to requirement in order to promote the quality of sequential color coating process.

  2) To improve the flatness of galvanized sheet.

  3) To improve mechanical properties of galvanized sheet, to decrease or eliminate yield plateau and stretcher strains. 

Beijing YWLX Science & Tech. Co. Ltd, summarizing and absorbing the latest domestic abroad technologies and combining Chinese marketing requirements, has developed medium top quality skin-pass mill of width in 1800mm, 1680mm,1550mm, 1450mm and 1150mm etc., which have been widely used in domestic and oversea. 

The Features of YWLXs Skin pass mill  

The perfect automatic control :  including automatic constant rolling force control (AFC), automatic constant elongation control(AEC), automatic position control(APC) and automatic constant tension control(ATC). 

The higher automation level: Roll gap quick automatic open and recover   when welding seam passing, automatic calibration online, quick change roll online and hydraulic locking.   

The latest soft rolling mode developed by YWLX: The soft rolling mode has carried out not to open rolls, when welded seam passing. If rolling force is less than 2000KN, the welded seam can pass directly. If rolling force is more than 2000KN, it will decrease up to 2000KN and welded seam will pass directly without opening rolls. Soft rolling mode will ensure not to damage roll surface.

The higher electrical control system: Driving control system will use full digital inverter speed control and Siemens’ or ABB’s speed control device. Basic automation will use Siemens’ or ABB’s PLC control with touch screen. Bending roll system will use servo control.

The perfect HMI: The mill will use HMI to collect, display and store the data. 

Flatness control: The mill will use positive/negative bending system of work roll to control flatness. 

Automatic elongation control: By rolling force control to carry out elongation control. 

Process of the mill: skin passing by wet/dry as the process requirement. 

Equipped with high pressure water system and anti-crimping roll and anti-cross breaker roll. 

Auxiliary system of the mill: including medium pressure hydraulic station and high pressure servo station.