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Cold bonding rolling mill

Recently, the application of cladding plate and strip is gradually rising in China, which is replacing with nonferrous materials and stainless steel mainly used in electronic industry, decorative material, chemical industry and automobile etc. In past, exploding cladding and hot rolling cladding technologies had been predominated in the production of cladding plate and strip. The products made by above related process, has been puzzled by too bad surface quality, too low yield, too high energy consumption and too many investment in environmental protection. 

The cladding rolling business department of YWLX, combining the latest global technology and process in cold rolling cladding strip, has independently developed cold rolling cladding technology, process and complete equipment, including cladding technology of copper strip and steel strip, cladding technology of aluminum strip and steel strip, cladding technology of copper strip and aluminum strip, cladding technology of aluminum strip and stainless steel strip and cladding stainless steel strip and steel strip. The cladding technology of copper and steel and cladding technology of aluminum strip and steel strip have been used in actual production that can produce the cladding coil strip with width in 1000mm and minimum thickness up to 0.2mm. 

The technical feature of cold bonding rolling process: 

Good surface quality: because of using cold rolling process, there are no oxides adhered on the strip’s surface after rolling, and there is no need acid pickling treatment.

Energy conservation and environmental protection: rolled bonding strips dont need to reheat before rolling and rolled strips surface dont need to be treated by acid pickling after rollingcorresponding to government's requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection.

Simply rolling processonly including three main process phases: surface treatment before rolling, bonding rolling and annealing treatment, high yield(above 90%), low production cost and less investment.