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The water Quenching system for bar and wire

The water Quenching system for bar and wire developed by YWLX, reforming traditional process by which  add alloy to promote strength of bar and wire, has successfully produced third grade steel bar with 20MnSi. 

Using the water quenching process, the property of second grade steel bar will be promoted  and reduced  the load of cooling bed  that produce great signification.   

The new technology will use POMINI mode to carry out controlled rolling and controlled cooling by low cost.    

Technical Feature 

The cooling circulating water will use turbid circulating water, water treatment system can be shared to reduce cost and investment. 

Special design for high pressure muzzle and intracavity will warrant, by mechanical means, the same cooling strength and cooling water capacity when two / three slitting rolling.    

Turbulent sleeve will be installed in the quenching system to drive water flowing in turbulence for reinforcing heating exchange between rolled bar and cooling agents.

Cooling equality of steel bar in turbulent flow tube will be warranted by high pressure water through top water-exit. It will not only warrant good flatness for steel bar of big and middle specification, but also warrant that flatness of steel bar of little specification satisfies state standard after slitting rolling. 

There will be special cut-off  device to be used at the end of the water quenching device to make sure of inspection and without vapor in operating circumstance of 3# flying shear.

 The water quenching line and output table will be installed on the transverse carriage driven by hydraulic pressure to carry out flexible and quick process change.