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AGC system for hot/cold strip rolling mill

AGC( Automatic Gauge Control) has been an essential device to be used in strip rolling process to promote rolling precision.  YWLX has been pursuing to develop and research completed equipment of GC since it was founded in 2003.   

 As the one of YWLX's core technology, YWLX’s AGC had as far as been used on hundreds of cold/hot rolling mills, temper mills and skin pass mills in domestic and oversea. YWLX’s AGC can completely carry out precise control of strip gauge. 

Technical feature 

HAGC supplied by YWLX, consists of hydraulic screwdown automatic gauge control(AGC), automatic constant rolling force control(AFC), gaugemeter monitoring and automatic tension gauge control for thin-steel strip. The HAGC is of great reliability in running, convenience in operating, perfect self-protection function and rolling process database. The system can be used to establish rolling schedules only to invoking corresponding rolling process from database before each rolling, when rolling steel stripes of different specifications. After utilizing HAGC, the gauge precision of steel stripe will be warranted: 

0.15±0.003mm0.3±0.006mmLengthwise gauge tolerance 

   The main function of AGC 

   1. Roll opening position closed loop control (APC)

   2. Strip gauge closed loop control; including Forward AGC, feedback AGC, monitoring AGC, Tension AGC, Mass flow AGC and Pre-setting AGC)

   3. Roll gap pressure on, rolling force setting and roll gap zero

   4. Control of roll synchronous down and up in two sides

   5. Roll gap difference and strip correcting control

   6. Separate force setting and alarming

   7. Collecting, recording, showing and printing all sorts of rolling parameters to optimize rolling schedules.